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Top 9 Lists You Could Be Using in HubSpot

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Top 9 Lists You Could Be Using in HubSpot

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If you like facts and figures, you're going to love HubSpot. In one place, you can collect so much data about your prospects, clients, sometimes even your competitors that it can make your head spin! Luckily HubSpot understands the importance of segmenting data.

Segmenting data means grouping your data based on common characteristics to see what you can learn. An easy form of segmentation is using filters in a spreadsheet to only show payments made on Friday the 13th, for example.

HubSpot lets you do this without exporting your data by using the lists function, and you can learn about a whole lot more than dates using lists! Lists are a great automation tool, so we're going to cover 9 great ways to use them in this post.

Human hand pointing with finger at tick

1. Contact Property Lists

A contact property is a type of information about a contact that HubSpot stores by default in your CRM. You can also add custom contact properties. You can make a list out of any of these!

Examples of contact properties:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Zip Code

Examples of custom contact properties:

  • Favorite flavor of ice cream
  • How many rental properties they own
  • Whether they are a tenant or property owner

You can see how lists would be helpful when looking at these. If you want to automatically send a postcard to all tenants in a zip code about a new ordinance, a list can help you know who to send it to quickly.

2. Company Property Lists

Company properties are separate from contact properties and great for our clients who have vendor or realtor lists. These properties are information about a company instead of a contact. With this kind of list, you could look at the last activity date to see which vendors get the most calls.

Examples of company properties: 

  • Associated contacts (employees)
  • Company owner
  • Number of employees

3. Event Lists

Not just for webinars and cocktail hours with investors! Events are also when an action occurs that your CRM records, such as the date someone became a lead and then a customer. Making a list and comparing these two dates will give you insight into your average sales cycle time to predict future business.

4. Membership Lists

Create lists of your lists! Really! If you already have something useful created and you want to do more with it, this list type is for you. Want to compare two lists for commonalities? You can do that too. Just set the criteria "is a member of" and select the list in question plus whatever other criteria you're looking for.

5. Deal Property Lists

We use these lists all the time in automation because deal properties talk money. A deal property list helps you automate a lot of handy reports! You can use them to create financial forecasts, measure your sales pipeline's health, or see how much revenue a particular bizdev person brought in during a time you are interested in.

6. Form Submission Lists

Make a list of who submitted which form! Make a list of those leads that submitted multiple forms! Again this list type is excellent for marketing or your bizdev team. Use this type of list to build a report that shows your most popular marketing materials or send a personalized sales email to everyone who submitted a free rental analysis form three months ago who might be looking for new management services.

7. Email Action Lists

Use email action lists to see who is clicking on emails but not scheduling meetings and use this for targeted outreach of engaged prospects. Email actions such as opens, number of opens, clicks, and more can help you improve your sales, marketing, and even operational emails. Plus, these lists can let you see data such as whether your tenants in collections are opening and viewing their emails.

8. Page Views Lists

Do you know how many pages your average client views before becoming a client? If you research and determine that magic number, you can build a list of prospects that are getting close and have your bizdev team follow up. You can also segment these lists by a particular page or group of pages making your website pages work for you.

Attracting Customers to Website

9. Workflow Lists

Sometimes you need to know who has been through a workflow, and workflow lists are here to help, especially when you're wondering whether to delete or change an existing workflow. These lists can also let you know whether certain users have completed a workflow.

See Lists in Action!

Aren't lists great? We think so! We use them all the time in automations for our clients, and we would love to show you how they work behind the scenes.

Let software take care of your busy work and start experiencing the savings that come with automation. Schedule a discovery call with Geekly Media, and we'll help you decide whether automation will work for you!

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