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Our New Dashboards and Your Property Management Systems

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Our New Dashboards and Your Property Management Systems

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A Guide to Geekly Media's New Enhanced Reporting Dashboards

The last few blogs from Geekly Media have covered project management systems and methodologies—and how to implement them into your property management business. If you're part of our mailing list, you've probably heard that we are giving enhanced reporting dashboards to all of our clients who use HubSpot as part of their process automation.

This allows them to take a property management system they already have and turn it into a system that can help them manage their remote operations in the same program that they already run a majority of their operations from (HubSpot).

What are in these new dashboards? As part of our rollout plan, we wanted to share this information with you all so you can get a better understanding of what it is we do here outside of property management marketing. As a company that also specializes in property management systems, we see first hand how much it is helping our PMOS (process automation) clients.

Without further ado, here's a behind-the-scenes look at what you can report on when you use process automation from Geekly Media by powering your property management systems with HubSpot.


The Ticketing Dashboard shows you everything you need to know about the status of your tickets. It provides you with a wide variety of metrics that you can use to diagnose whether an issue is related to your staff or to your systems. End the endless emails—and track all of your to-do's in one place.

The reports included in this dashboard are:

  • Tickets your staff has not yet acknowledged by the ticket owner
  • The count of tickets still open per ticket owner
  • The count of tickets by type (maintenance, collections, etc.)
  • Total tickets per department
  • How long your employees take to accept a new ticket and begin working
  • How long it takes an employee to complete and close their tickets
  • The count of tickets received by priority assigned
  • The count of tickets closed per ticket owner
  • The total tickets received per month year to date.
Performance Improvement on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Sales and Business Development

This dashboard gives you an overview of your sales activity. If you have multiple business development managers, we can create additional dashboards for you to track per company and per manager. These reports let you know just how much selling is going on—and how much new business those sales activities are bringing in for your property management company.

The reports included in this dashboard are:

  • A count of the new leads that have been generated in the Sales/Onboarding Pipeline broken out by month
  • Activity for the last 30 days of the salesperson or sales team
  • Deals won monthly
  • Closed/Won sales deals broken down by month
  • The dollar amount won monthly, and the average dollar amount per Closed/Won sales deal
  • The average number of days it takes in the sales cycle for a deal to reach Closed/Won status from the time it enters the Sales Pipeline as a new lead
  • The lead source and count of deals for all Closed/Won deals
  • Average time spent in each deal stage up to Closed/Won.

Marketing and Leads

If you are managing your property management marketing using HubSpot, this dashboard will let you know how well your marketing strategies are performing at a glance.

The reports included in this dashboard are:

  • The new lead count total vs. your custom goal broken down monthly
  • The lead source of all of the Closed/Won deals
  • A summary of the lead source and lead totals by a monthly breakdown with all-time totals for both
  • A summary of Closed/Won leads by source and total with a monthly breakdown of all-time totals for both
  • The average number of days to close listed by source
  • A quick summary of lead source and lead all-time totals for both
  • A quick summary of Closed/Won leads by source and all-time totals for both.
Orange High Performance Button on Computer Keyboard. Business Concept.

High-Level Company

A high-level overview of company-wide activity, this dashboard gives a summary you can use to measure overall business activities. As a company, how many tickets are handled per month—and what are the response times? Keep the pulse of your property management business organized all in one place. 

The reports included in this dashboard are:

  • A summary of the entire company’s activity for the last 30 days, showing:
    • Emails sent
    • Tasks completed or created
    • Other crucial metrics.
  • The entire company’s all-time activity of:
    • Email sent to contact / task / email
    • Replies from contact / note / meeting / calls
    • These are broken down by month to view trends of when the business is overwhelmed.
  • Company response time to tickets by month
  • The average number of days as a company to close deals by month
  • The average number of days as a company to close tickets by month
  • The all-time deals broken down by month.
  • The all-time tickets broken down by month.

Per Individual

This dashboard is unique to the user viewing it! Whether it is you or one of your employees, the data is customizable to help tell the viewer the story of their workday and to-do's.

The reports included in this dashboard are:

  • Open deals: If any rep opens this dashboard, it will only display their open deals.
  • Open tickets: If any rep opens this dashboard, it will only display their open tickets.
  • Incomplete tasks: If any rep opens this dashboard, it will only display their open tasks due that day.


A summary of collections and evictions activities. This dashboard will tell you how many collections accounts are outstanding, their total balance, and a summary of collections accounts by collections stage. You can also see an overview of how long it takes to collect or move through the evictions process using the reports in this dashboard.

  • The count of accounts by stage, dollar amount total by stage, and average dollar amount per account by stage.
  • The list of current delinquent tenants and what collections stage they are in.
  • The all-time outcome of all the accounts that have ever been created in the Collections/Eviction automation.
  • Count by stage of all outstanding accounts. You can also browse the total dollar amount in each stage and the average dollar amount in each stage.
  • Total count of accounts that have gone through the Eviction Complete Stage. It also shows the average, maximum, and minimum days to reach the Eviction Complete Stage from the time it entered collections.
  • The number of collections accounts created by month.
  • The number of NTVs sent out by month.
  • The number of evictions completed by month.

Additional dashboards we have created to enhance your property management systems—but aren't included in this blog at this time—are for measuring leasing, move-ins, move-outs, expirations, and renewals.

If tracking these sorts of property management metrics sounds like something that would help you, schedule a time to chat with us for a behind-the-scenes tour of how our process automation solutions work for you!
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