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Property Management Process Automation Is Our 'New Normal'

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Property Management Process Automation Is Our 'New Normal'

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Industries in every sector are currently disrupted and learning to do business in new ways. Often, this 'new normal' we're adapting to as a result of COVID-19 has stretched our abilities in ways that aren't always comfortable. Change and growth of any kind can be hard—and resistance to change will often stop organizations from trying in the first place.

Executives and business owners will even pass up opportunities that would benefit their company long term just based on expected opposition.

As a property manager, you've already seen your industry disrupted—and your employees are being forced to adapt. Meanwhile, scientists are quick to point out that this isn't the last pandemic that we'll see in our lifetime. This resistance to change in spite of the necessity of it is why we are all about property management process automation for businesses right now. 

Even without a global health crisis, there are a number of other things that can cause your company hardships. You need the right tools to not only overcome these challenges but grow throughout. This is exactly what property management process automation does for you.

Productivity Increase on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.-1

Why Automation?

  • Property management process automation allows you to run lean, clean, and remote.
  • You need fewer people to do that same amount of work.
  • You make fewer errors that could cost you clients.

When you have the kind of transparency that comes standard with automation, you don't need to share an office with someone to know what they are doing—and how productive they are being. 

Won't I End Up Doing More Work?

For a little while, yes. Implementing a change as significant as property management process automation takes buy-in from more than just your staff; it takes some buy-in from you, too. Everyone will have to pull a little more weight, in the beginning, to learn easier workflows, set things up, change from one process to another. This still applies even when the new approach saves time and energy!

That extra workload will resolve itself in time, leaving behind less work than ever—so you can free up multiple positions worth of salaries. In crunch time, this can not only help you edge out the competition—it allows you to refocus your staffing dollars on positions that are relevant to growth.

What Does Our New Normal Look Like?

The truth is none of us know what the future holds for our nation—but it's important to visualize where you want to be as a property management company once things return to 'business as usual.' Was your former 'business as usual' the best-case scenario? Or would you prefer to use a system to run your business that looks more like this:

  • Fewer repetitive emails and calls
  • Higher profit margins from a smaller staff
  • More accountability among staff
  • Fewer late rent payments
  • Systemized processes
  • A happier, hard-working staff
  • Working on the business—instead of in it.

These are not impossible to achieve wishlist items; these are the results of the new normal property management companies enjoy when they work with Geekly Media! If you start now, you can have all of your systems ready before the next spike of COVID-19 hits in the fall—or whatever other disasters might be lurking in the wings to threaten your business.

Even if everything returns to normal and we never have another pandemic, process automation is still something that will save your business a lot of money and overall work.

Productivity with Growth Chart - Blue Color Text on Dark Digital Background.-1

What Is Geekly Media?

We get asked this a lot. We're a lot of things bundled together, but primarily we are here to make your job easier through property management process automation and comprehensive marketing solutions. We built a system in HubSpot, the leading CRM and automation platform, just for property managers. 

We can do this because of the Bridge, our proprietary program that shares information between your property management software and HubSpot. This merges two worlds using automation to help your business flow!

While it's crucial to keep your clients happy, we know you need more help than just getting the rent in on time. We also automated:

Why Didn't You Create a Standalone System?

Someday we might, but why fix what isn't broken? We decided to use a platform that had everything we needed and more in one system. We've compared the different CRMs, process applications, property management software, the works. When it came down to a list of functionality, there isn't anything else on the market that comes close to what HubSpot can do. 

With HubSpot, you can bundle multiple programs and software into one, allowing you to:

  • Automate marketing
  • Automate departmental processes
  • Host, edit and monitor your website
  • Use a CRM with metrics tied to that website
  • Continually optimize and measure all of the above.

HubSpot also has world-class support and training that is easy and accessible.

Fifteen Minutes to YOUR New Normal!

Unfortunately, it is so hard to explain all the ways property management process automation can benefit your business without the opportunity to show you—which is why we don't offer direct sales on our website.

We want to show you exactly how much better your business can be with automation, and we also like to see how excited potential clients get when they see the benefit of this new normal! Get in touch with us to schedule a live demo so you can see what we mean.

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