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How to Bring Automation Into Your Everyday Property Management Workflows

Much of your life is automated—whether you know it or not. Many of the everyday things that you do rely on automatic updates, scheduling, or behind-the-scenes technology to enhance the convenience of your day.

It makes sense from that perspective that automation can enhance your property management workflows, too—right? If you already live in a world that functions with "hidden" technology, it should be a natural progression to see how some of your everyday property management tasks could benefit from property management workflow automation.

Don't believe you're already subject to everyday automation? Let's take a look at a day in the life of just about anyone.

Autoupdate Cell Phone

Your Smartphone

It's annoying when you have to put your smartphone down long enough for it to perform a software update—but aren't you glad you don't have to manually process those updates alone? You get a notification when it's time for an update, then your phone communicates with "home base" to update to the latest security and performance enhancements.

What about the apps you use? Most smartphone applications update without you even noticing it's happening. You open an app and realize it has new features and runs smoother. Automatic updates are an everyday form of automation that makes your smartphone (and your life) easier!

Your Thermostat

A Nest thermostat can practically read your body temperature from across the room and make adjustments. Even if you don't have a "smart" thermostat, your "old and reliable" thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature in your home, depending on the settings you provide.

From hot to cold, you stay comfortable in your home because your thermostat automatically updates your home's indoor temperature!

Smart Thermostat

Your Google Home

"Okay, Google: remind me to pick up the kids from school."

If you have Google Home, you get to experience one of the best daily automation tools life has to offer! Say what you need, and automation does it for you. From scheduling reminders to ordering groceries, tell Google what you need, and it automatically assists you throughout the day. What did we ever do without smart home technology?

Your Bill Payments

  • Do you use online banking?
  • Are any of your bills set to auto-pay?
  • Is your paycheck automatically deposited into your bank account every payday?

Watching your money come and go has never been easier when you automate bill payments and auto-pay features.

Automatic bill pay isn't a new banking feature—so you might not realize just how long you've had the benefit of automation for everyday banking functions. No more writing checks to mail your bills. You don't have to go to the post office to buy stamps. Schedule your payments using a smartphone app or your computer—and forget that you have bills to pay!

How Automation Helps Property Managers

Consider just how manual (and menial) your life would be without some of these everyday examples of automation—and we barely scratched the surface! The time savings alone is worth the daily automation we know and love—whether you realize it's there or not.

If automation can make your daily life more efficient, it makes sense that workflow automation can increase efficiency—and profitability—for your property management business.

Process Automation

Collecting Rent

What if you never had to collect a rent check? With an online rent collection system, that dream becomes a reality. Your tenants pay rent online. The system can remind them if a payment is overdue with a custom voicemail, personalized email, and customizable text message to every delinquent account with the push of a button.

There is no need for your staff to waste time chasing late rents when your business is using automation sequences to process rent collection.

Sending Reminders

It's time to change the air filters in your rental property: relying on tenants to remember this is a gamble—and you don't have the time to call every tenant and ensure compliance. So why waste time? Automated workflows do that for you! Even better, you can incorporate existing solutions into your workflows to enhance them even further.

A great example of this is through pairing your automations with companies like Second Nature. They deliver the filter size and quantity you need direct-to-door.

An expiration date is stamped on each filter to ensure tenants change them regularly and allows property managers to note the last date of filter change upon inspection. You can even customize the filters with your specific branding for maximum professionalism.

Tenant Renewal

Do you have a calendar with tenant renewal dates written in bold ink? Did you forget to look at it lately? An automated system keeps track of all tenant renewals and initiates the renewal process for you.

When you automate your tenant renewal process, you never have to worry about another lease expiration falling through the cracks. Automation means avoiding the hassle of lease negotiations via phone tag with your owners and tenants. With powerful automated sequences, you can manage the renewals process from 90-day notices all the way through executed renewals.

While not every software or service can promise you such bold results, it’s all possible when you integrate your workflows using Geekly Media's customized Property Management Expirations and Renewals Automation Sequences.


When you're in the thick of your property management workflow, marketing your business is probably last on your list of to-dos. An automated marketing strategy markets your business for you! Grow your leads without taking time away from what you do best: managing properties and tenants.

Process Automation and Property Management

Workflow Automation Helps Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your property management business, it's time to embrace workflow automation.

  • Free your staff from the manual tasks that keep them from building client relationships.
  • Create time in your schedule to pursue qualified leads brought to your door through your automated marketing system.

Geekly Media is excited to see property managers embrace automated technology. Our system won't automate your home—but it can set you up for success! When you have the best automation streamlining your property management workflows, you have everything you need to grow your doors.

If you're looking for more information on automations and workflows, check out our other blogs!

Setting up workflow automation designed specifically for property management is a bit more complicated than setting up your Google Home. However, when you work with Geekly Media, it doesn’t have to be. Get in touch with us and see how we can put our customized automations to work for you!

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