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Geekly Guarantee Disclaimers

Last Update: January 17, 2024

1. Guaranteed Traffic Disclaimer:

“Eligibility for the ‘Guaranteed Traffic’ offer is contingent upon the client selecting one of our content marketing packages. This guarantee promises a 100% year-over-year (YOY) increase in organic traffic. If this criterion is not met, the client is entitled to three months of our service, free of charge. This guarantee is based on a comparative analysis of organic traffic data from the previous year, as recorded at the start of our engagement. Traffic increases from other sources, such as paid advertising, are excluded from this guarantee. The guarantee is valid only if all recommended strategies and guidelines are fully implemented by the client throughout the contractual period. This offer is subject to our terms and conditions and may be revised or withdrawn at our discretion.”

2. Guaranteed Leads Disclaimer:

“This ‘Guaranteed Leads’ offer applies exclusively to clients who choose our content marketing and lead generation packages. Under this guarantee, we promise an increase in the number of qualified leads compared to the client’s current status. To be eligible, clients must provide verifiable data on their current traffic, leads, lead sources, and lead nurturing process. If the guaranteed increase in qualified leads is not achieved, clients are entitled to three months of free service. It is crucial that clients fully implement our recommended strategies and adhere to guidelines to qualify for this guarantee. This guarantee is subject to change and may be rescinded based on our terms and conditions.”

3. Guaranteed Customers Disclaimer:

“The ‘Guaranteed Customers’ offer is applicable only for clients who opt for our sales enablement package. This guarantee ensures an improvement in the client’s year-over-year conversion ratio. Eligibility requires clients to furnish detailed and substantiated records of their current leads, lead sources, lead nurturing process, sales process, and documented closing ratio. In the event that the promised improvement in conversion ratio is not met, eligible clients will receive three months of our services at no cost. This guarantee necessitates full compliance with our recommended sales strategies and adherence to guidelines. The offer is subject to our standard terms and conditions and may be altered or withdrawn at our discretion.”