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A Guide to Backlinks for Property Management Websites

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A Guide to Backlinks for Property Management Websites

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Updated August 5, 2022.

The backlink is one of the best ways to improve your property management website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. Backlinks help your site become visible to a broader audience. They help generate more organic traffic to your website. 

Guess what? There's a strategy for generating useful backlinks to improve your website's traffic. 

Backlinks are a critical component of your inbound marketing strategy. Here's our guide to consistently generating the right kinds of backlinks for your property management company website. 

Smartphone Laptop Black Background Marketing Strategy Seo Content Mail Links

What Is a Backlink?

Backlinks are a relationship between your property management website and other websites. Within the content on their website, others include a link to content on your website to form that relationship.

When websites link to your content, that gives you credibility. When you associate with other respected leaders in property management, you add credibility to who you are and what you do. The same idea works with backlinks or "inbound" links.  

The most effective backlinks are what we call "earned" links. You want to develop website content that establishes you as a leader in the world of property management. That makes your content attractive to others and helps you "earn" a link on their website. 

When other websites link to your content, you'll see an increase in traffic. Let's look at four ways to improve your backlink game. 

1. Research Your Competitors

Your competitors are smart. 

Where do your competitors go for links to third-party content on their property management websites? What websites include links to your competitors' websites? 

Chances are, you should be involved with some of those same sources, too. 

Use your competitors' sites for research to find out where you should (and shouldn't) look for quality link opportunities. If a competitor uses poor-quality sources for backlinks or you find your competitors referenced on poor-quality websites, make sure you avoid your links landing on those websites.

  • Set up a Google alert for your competitors. When they post new content or someone links to their content, Google will let you know!

  • Subscribe to their email newsletters to follow their latest content. 

  • Set up a Google alert for your company's website. Compare your links to where your competitors' receive links. 

Only associate with the best!

2. Answer the Calls

When others ask for input from experts, be the expert.

Look for places to answer questions or respond to press calls for quotes. Make sure your responses are well-written and position you as an authority on the subject. 

  • Proofread your answers! You'll degrade your professionalism when your answer includes typos or poor grammar. 

  • Mention who you are! Make it part of your answer to note what you do and your experience. Make it conversational. Avoid a blatant excuse to show off your credentials. 

  • Generate interest in learning more. Answer the question or provide a quote that intrigues readers to want to connect with you for more information. 

  • Be kind: Don't degrade other comments or start an argument.  

  • If it makes sense, include a link to a relevant blog post on your website. Again, avoid an over-the-top push to drive traffic to your website. 

When you're consistent and frequently appear in forums or as the expert quote for press requests, people will begin to recognize your name and expertise in property management. 

3. Be a Quality Backlink

Be the authority in your service area and about managing rental properties. Highlight industry innovation and position yourself on the cutting edge of what you do. Use different forms of content throughout your property management website. 

  • Blogs  

  • A Pillar Page. This is a goldmine of your internal links for other sources to find and use. 

  • Guest articles on other websites. When guest-posting, be sure you include links back to your website. 

  • Video

  • Infographics

Infographics are some of the most popular content formats for others to share. Become an expert at putting your property manager wisdom into the visual form of infographics. 

Close up image of hands connecting puzzle elements

4. Promote Your Content

Get your content out there for other sources to find it! Use social media and email strategies to direct traffic to your property management website content. 

Consistency is key: your backlink strategy is part of your broader inbound marketing strategy. It takes time to develop quality content that reaches the right audiences. 

It can take up to ten weeks for you to see an impact on your ranking as a result of your backlink strategy. Keep generating and promoting excellent content.

Backlinks Help Boost Your Credibility

Your backlink strategy is only as strong as the content you give back to the internet. 

Pulling in great content is only half of the strategy. Your website needs excellent content that others recognize and want to share on their sites. 

Let Geekly Media help you fine-tune your backlink strategy. If content for your property management website is a challenge, that's just one of the many things we do best. 

Contact us for a free consultation!

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