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Roof Estimator Creating State-level services pages

In this article; we are going to go over where to find the templates, which order these pages need to be created, and how to clone and edit these templates

Here is a walkthrough on how to clone and edit a template service page for a specific state:

Step 1 (may not be included in the video), when you open a a template URL from the spreadsheet, you will go over to the top left-hand corner and look for "file". You will then open that drop-down menu and click on clone. 

At this point, a pop-up will appear to name the cloned page, insert your target state where it says [STATE], and remove the word clone that appears at the end. At this point, you can go ahead and clone it. Your cloned page will then load up. 


Here is the link that will get you to the "templates" tab on the Roof Estimator sheet:


Here is the link that will take you to the priority list for these states: