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[Internal] Folder/Workflow Naming Conventions

Keep workflows named correctly for easier troubleshooting, training, etc.

This article will walk you through a sample in a client portal that was built for Commercial Leasing.

Deal stages in this pipeline are:

  1. New Lead
  2. Qualifying
  3. Working
  4. Showing
  5. Application Processing
  6. LOI Processing
  7. Lease Processing
  8. Lease Review
  9. Lease Sent for Signature
  10. Closed Won
  11. Closed Lost
  12. Nurturing
  13. Commercial Listing

When automations are built for the first stage the naming convention should be as follows:

  • [Deal Pipeline Name] Deal Stage Number - Deal Stage Name - Brief Description if applicable.

For example:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01. New Lead
    • There is no brief description because this is the first deal stage.

However.....When you are triggering another workflow, or there is automation that is part of the first workflow or stage process, you will want to add letters after the number. For example, enrolling a contact in a sequence, the naming convention will be:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01a. New Lead - Enroll in Sequence

When a contact becomes unenrolled from the sequence:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01b. New Lead - Unenrolled Contact

When the deal the contact is associated to has to move:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01c. New Lead - Unenrolled Contact (Meeting/Reply) - Move Deal

When the contact completes the sequence with no action taken:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01d. New Lead - Completed Sequence

When the contact has completed the sequence with no action taken and the associated deal needs to move:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 01e. New Lead - Completed Sequence - Move Deal

Once the new lead automations have been completed, you will want to begin the automation for the next deal stage. The naming convention will be:

  • [Commercial Leasing] 02. Qualifiying

If there is no automation in the next deal stage, 03, skip that number and continue with number 04. This way, if automation has to be built for deal stage 03. you have the number available to do so.