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Geekly Media Time Tracking Policy

This article answers the question of when, where and how Geekly Media staff track their workday hours.

Staff Billable and Non-Billable Projects Time Tracking Policy

Effective time tracking is essential for efficient project management and accurate client billing. This policy outlines the guidelines for tracking billable and non-billable time using our project management tool, Teamwork, at Geekly Media.

Definition of Billable and Non-Billable Time:

a. Billable Time: Billable hours are generally additional hours a client has purchased either outside their monthly retainer or as a one time project purchase. 

b. Non-Billable Time: Non-billable time is work hours on projects included in a client's monthly retainer. Also, any work that supports internal operations, professional development, or is unrelated to client projects.

Time Tracking Tool:

a. We utilize Teamwork as our project management time tracking tool.

b. All staff members are required to log their time using Teamwork for accurate tracking and reporting.

Billable Time Tracking:

a. All staff members are responsible for accurately tracking their billable hours to all tasks they are assigned in Teamwork for billable client projects.

b. Time entries should be logged for each client project task, or activity performed.

Non-Billable Time Tracking:

a. Non-billable time is also tracked in Teamwork to capture the full scope of work performed by all team members.

b. Examples of non-billable activities include internal meetings, administrative tasks, professional development, and research.

c. Please create a personal house project to track your time to non-billable hours that cannot be allocated to a client project. Use this naming convention [HOUSE] Your_Name 


a. The account management team will generate reports based on the time entries logged in Teamwork.

b. Reports will be used for client invoicing, project profitability analysis, and resource allocation.

c. Accurate time tracking is crucial for generating reliable and transparent client invoices.

Training and Support:

a. At the top of every task in Teamwork, you will see these two time tracking options. Use the Log Time button to track your time manually. Use the Start Timer button to use the built in timer too easily and accurately track your task time.  

b. The task is set to be billable or non-billable during initial project build-out. You do not need to decide if your time is billable or non-billable. 

Confidentiality and Data Privacy:

a. All time tracking data is treated as confidential and used solely for project management and Geekly Media staffing purposes.

b. Access to time tracking data is limited to authorized personnel only.

By adhering to this billable and non-billable projects time tracking policy, we can ensure accurate client billing, efficient project management, and transparent resource allocation.