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The Pitch Perfect Promise: At Least 30% More Leads in 60 Days or Your Money Back.

No risk. All reward.  

Geekly Media specializes in digital marketing for Roofing Companies and the greater housing industry, and we want to work with you! We believe so strongly in our ability to help you grow and scale your business that we GUARANTEE our results. 

Roofing Leads Guaranteed

No Risk. All Reward.
Unlock Your Digital Potential.


Begin with a Website That Works as Hard as You Do.

At the heart of our strategy is your website—transformed into a powerful sales tool. With Geekly Media, you embark on a no-risk journey to digital excellence.

Start Your Success Story Today! 

Our Proven Process Guarantees Success

30% More Leads in 60 Days, or it's FREE.

We're not just optimistic; we're confident because we achieve this daily.

What Sets Us Apart

Proven Website Structure

Tailored for your market and roofing products, our websites are engineered to be your ultimate sales asset. From drawing traffic to converting leads into loyal customers, we've charted the course to success.

Proven Keyword Strategy

We ensure you dominate search rankings with a targeted strategy for top-value keywords. When your customers search for services you offer, you're their first click.

Proven Content Marketing

Become the go-to resource in your industry. Our comprehensive content strategy—featuring FAQs, blogs, newsletters, social posts, and press releases—engages and nurtures your ideal customers consistently.

Proven Technical SEO Expertise

We optimize your site down to the technical details that search engines prioritize. From schema to a roofing-specific code structure, we make sure you stand out to Google and potential customers alike.

Proven Paid Media Campaigns

Our formula for campaign success moves your customers from awareness to decision faster than ever. We manage everything from ad creation to conversion, ensuring a seamless journey for your audience.

Our Promise to You

Increase your leads by 30% within 60 days, or you don't pay a dime. That's how confident we are in our process.

Schedule a call with us today and start your journey to measurable success.