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What is My Lead Network and Why Is It Important?

Lead Network

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the Buyer's Journey?
  2. What is an MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead?
  3. What is the Lead Network and Why is it Important?
  4. What Can You See in Your Databox Screenshot?
    1. Sales Funnel
    2. Paid Ads (if applicable)
  5. Where is my DataBox Report Link?
  6. How Often will I receive these reports?


First a little background and definitions of some terminology:


What is the Buyer's Journey?

The buyer's journey describes a buyer's path to become a customer. Buyers go through a process typically starting with the awareness stage, then the consideration stage and then to making a decision or the decision stage. During this journey the goal of marketing is to understand the buyer's needs and provide them the information they need in order for them to reach their goals.


What is a MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead?

An MQL or marketing qualified lead is a lead who has indicated interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts and is more likely to become a customer than other leads. 


What is the Lead Network and Why is It Important?

The lead network is all of the MQLs that are technically leads, but they are in the awareness and/or consideration stage of the buyer journey.

It is crucial to have a growing and thriving lead network to which you can market and continue to nurture with the goal of converting those leads to qualified sales leads and eventually customers.


What Can You See in Your Databox Screenshot:


Sales Funnel:

Became a visitor: This is a total summary of all new unique visitors to your website.

Became a Contact: This is a total summary of all newly created contacts now in your Lead Network

Became a Lead: These are new leads that have been created as deals in your sales pipeline. These leads have submitted a form or taken some level of action that indicates they are in the decision-making stage of their buyer's journey and they are ready to talk to a salesperson.

Became a Client: This is a total summary of all of the deals that entered the closed/won stage of your sales pipeline.


Paid Ads: (If applicable)

Paid Ad Conversion: This section is a total summary of the number of conversions from paid ad campaigns in the given time frame of this report.


NOTE: A conversion is when someone clicks on the paid ads link in Google and submits the form. 

Average CPC: This section is showing the average cost per click from your current paid ads campaigns as well as the percentage increase or decrease from the previous time period of the report. 



Organic Sessions: This is a total summary of the new unique sessions (number of times someone has visited your site, not the number of visitors) from organic search results in the given time period of the report.



Average Cost Per Conversion: This is the average cost per new qualified lead created from your paid ad campaigns for the given time period of the report.



Visitors by Day: This is a heat map showing you the number of visitors that have visited your website on any given day. 



Realtor Referrals:
This is a running count of the number of referrals you have received via your Realtor Referral Campaign in the given time period of the report.



Comments Section: This is where your marketing team will leave pertinent notes, highlights, or points of interest for your management team.



Where is My Databox Report Link?

You should have received your Databox report link via email from your Account Manager. If you did not receive it please submit a ticket on the Rent Bridge website here.


How Often Will I Receive These Reports?

These reports are available to you 24/7 at the link provided to you by your account manager. They will also be sent to you on a weekly and monthly basis!