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Lengthening & Strengthening

Lengthening & Strengthening Client List

Lengthening & Strengthening Best Practices/Checklist/Process - ADD LINK TO KB ARTICLE ONCE DONE

On average, there can be 6 Lengthen and Strengthen blogs assigned to a write PER DAY. This should occur in the first two weeks of the month.

  1. Select the client/project that you want to work with in Teamwork
  2. Add a new task list called "Lengthen & Strengthen"
  3. Click into the new task list and apply the template "Lengthen & Strengthen".
  4. Assign the Content/Writer assigned to these blogs.
  5. Next set the dates of the first task.
    1. Refer to this spreadsheet to determine when content can take another L&S.
    2. Set the task to repeat Monthly and then also select "Same Day of the month"
  6. To review these tasks at a glance, navigate to EVERYTHING from the header in teamwork, then select saved filters and then choose "Lengthen & Strengthen Tasks"

CAUTION: Some of the tasks MIGHT occur on a weekend. These will need to be reviewed monthly and the dates updated.