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How To Install Real Estate ListingsHub

Installing the Real Estate ListingsHub custom objects

1. Fill out the form to authorize installation on your HubSpot Account.

We just collect a bit more info about you and your company before you can install the app. The app does require either an Enterprise Marketing or Sales account as well as a CMSHub subscription.


2. Download The Custom Object

Click on the download button to add the custom object to your portal
Then click on the authorize button to verify the portal the object needs to be installed on:

3. Create/Modify your Custom Object

That's it! You can create your custom object now. 

You can even delete the custom object by clicking the delete button, in case you want a fresh install of the object

4. Theme Installation and MLS Integration

If you need a fully functional website theme connected to your custom object along with a fully automated MLS integration then please reach out to us