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Geekly Media - PPL Lead Deposit and onboarding.

1. Verbal Commitment from the Client to the Sales Team

Once a client expresses interest in our Pay-Per-Lead service, a verbal commitment is made to our sales team. This initial step is crucial as it establishes mutual understanding and intent, allowing us to proceed with the formalities.

2. The Client Receives the Payment Authorization Form to Secure the Initial Deposit

Following the verbal commitment, the client will receive a payment authorization form. This form secures the initial deposit necessary to kick-start the process. Ensuring timely completion and submission of this form guarantees that the client's campaign is set up without delays.

3. The Client Receives the Onboarding Form Prior to the Kickoff Call

Simultaneously, an onboarding form is sent to the client. This form gathers essential information about the client's business, target audience, and specific needs. Accurate and detailed information here helps tailor the lead generation strategy to maximize relevance and effectiveness.

4. Geekly Media Reaches Out to Alert Clients of the Forms and Schedule the Onboarding Call

A representative from Geekly Media will contact the client via email to confirm the receipt of the payment authorization and onboarding forms. In the same email, we will schedule the onboarding call, ensuring all preliminary steps are completed seamlessly.

5. Onboarding Call

The onboarding call is a comprehensive session designed to:

  • Identify Key Contacts: Confirm who will be receiving the leads and who needs access to the portal.
  • Review Lead Qualification Criteria: Leads must have a valid email and phone number, be located within the client’s service area, and be seeking relevant services.
  • Set Expectations: While Geekly Media strives to provide high-quality leads, some lead nurturing will be necessary on the client’s end to convert leads into deals.

6. Post Onboarding Call - Geekly Media Reviews the Onboarding Form and Creates the Client Inside the PPL Platform

After the onboarding call, Geekly Media's team will review the submitted onboarding form to ensure all details are accurate and complete. The client’s profile is then created within our PPL platform, setting the stage for lead-generation activities to begin.

7. The Client Receives an Email with Login Info for Their Portal

Once the client profile is set up, an email containing the login information for their portal is sent. This portal allows clients to track leads, monitor campaign performance, and access relevant data and reports.

8. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

  • Weekly Campaign Reviews: Our digital team will conduct weekly reviews of the campaigns, identifying potential optimizations to improve lead quality and conversion rates.
  • Bi-Weekly Updates: Clients will receive bi-weekly updates detailing campaign performance, any adjustments made, and introductions to new campaign opportunities. This ensures transparency and continuous improvement of the lead generation process.